Equitable Earth is a growing coalition of leaders from Indigenous Peoples and forest community organizations, conservation organizations and private sector companies.

We are preparing to launch an independent, mission-driven global operating company with Indigenous Peoples at the core of its leadership and decision-making, and with operations primarily based in the Global South.

Equitable Earth Coalition’s founding member organizations are experts and leaders in market-based conservation: Forest Trends, Wildlife Works, Everland.

  • Forest Trends has deep, trusted relationships with forest communities, and brings over 25 years of experience in driving innovation in environmental finance to sustain resilient communities.
  • Wildlife Works is a leader in developing and managing community-led conservation projects. Wildlife Works brings to the coalition their technical expertise and trusted relationships with governments and forest communities.
  • Everland is relied on by climate ambitious companies around the world to represent carbon project developers with exceptional impact for communities, wildlife and forests.

Equitable Earth is calling on organizations and private sector companies to join its coalition for a revolutionary shift in the voluntary carbon market.

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