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A Coalition committed to developing a new voluntary carbon markets (VCM) solution to end deforestation and biodiversity loss, by driving transformative finance directly to Indigenous Peoples, forest communities, and Global South countries

What is the Equitable Earth Coalition?

The Equitable Earth Coalition brings together Indigenous Peoples and Local Community (IPLC) leaders, conservation and carbon market practitioners, governments, and policy and scientific experts, committed to developing a new VCM solution that will enable the rapid development of high quality, community-centered forest conservation projects that can be nested within national forest programs.

Our Goal

To end deforestation and biodiversity loss, restore natural ecosystems, and steward them into the future, by driving voluntary market finance to IPLCs to support their rights, protect their forest homelands, and finance the sustainable development goals of communities and Global South countries.

Our Work

The Equitable Earth Coalition is a coalition of leaders committed to developing a new VCM standard and platform to enable the rapid development of high quality, community-centered forest conservation projects that can be nested within national forest programs. 

Who we are

The founding members of the Coalition include Forest Trends, Wildlife Works and Everland.

The Equitable Earth Coalition is pleased to welcome Global Citizen, leading international advocacy organization, as the first signatory to support its plans to mobilize $1 billion of corporate finance for community-centered forest conservation projects via Equitable Earth’s new carbon market standard and platform.

Equitable Earth has been governed by an Executive Committee over its first six months. That committee is currently comprised of four members:  

We are forming and recruiting members for initial Advisory Groups to guide the work of the Equitable Earth Coalition, including:

  • IPLC Engagement Advisory Group
  • Technical Advisory Group
  • Project Developer Advisory Group
  • Market Advisory Group
  • Legal, Risk & Compliance Advisory Group

Beto Borges, Director of the Forest Trends Communities and Territorial Governance Initiative, has been appointed to serve a Chair of the IPLC Engagement Advisory Group. Founding members of the IPLC Engagement Advisory Group include:

  • Francisca Arara, Extraordinary Secretary for Indigenous Peoples in the State of Acre, Brazil, and President of the Regional Committee for Brazil of the Governors Climate and Forests Task Force
  • Gustavo Sánchez Valle, President of the Mexican Network of Community Forest Organizations (Red MOCAF)
  • Mary Allegretti, President of the Institute of Amazonian Studies
  • Julio Barbosa de Aquino, President, National Council of Extractivist Populations (CNS)
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Why does the world need Equitable Earth?

We are running out of time to end forest loss before it is too late. The voluntary carbon market provides a crucial, scalable mechanism to address the root causes of deforestation. But today the VCM is not meeting the needs of forest stakeholders – on the ground or in the market. 

A fit-for-purpose solution is needed to fill the void and tackle the urgent need to halt deforestation. 

This is why we have formed the Equitable Earth Coalition.

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What makes Equitable Earth unique?

Equitable Earth is being developed in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) from the beginning, with a goal of driving climate finance directly to IPLCs to fund their own sustainable development ambitions.

Equitable Earth is taking a strong stand on quality, founded on transparency, robust science and rigorous due diligence, a standardized approach to measuring societal and biodiversity impacts, and best practices for IPLC ownership and inclusion.

Driving investment both to stop deforestation, and to restore and steward forest ecosystems.

Our framework will be easily integrated into national programs that contribute to global climate commitments

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What is the timeline?

The Coalition is growing rapidly and currently undertaking stakeholder consultations with IPLC leaders, Global South governments, project developers, carbon market participants, scientific and policy experts, and others. Further announcements are planned for later this year.

Join the Equitable Earth Coalition
Filip C. Agoo

Get involved

Equitable Earth is calling on organizations and private sector companies to join its coalition for a revolutionary shift in the voluntary carbon market. 

We are seeking broad support from organizations to expand the Coalition and bring its vision to life, including from:

  • Indigenous Peoples and local community leaders
  • Global South Governments
  • Project Developers, Implementers & Consultants
  • Carbon Market Participants
  • Scientific, policy and market experts  
  • Impact Investors, Foundations and Philanthropy
  • Other market actors

What does it mean to become a member of the Equitable Earth Coalition?

  • Membership is free, nonexclusive, and open to all organizations.
  • Member organizations publicly support and champion the goals of the Equitable Earth Coalition.
  • Member organizations may be listed on the website and other communications materials. 
  • Your organization’s participation actively brings to life a new and more equitable VCM solution to end deforestation and biodiversity loss.
  • Membership is the first step of engagement and we welcome your interest in deeper participation. 

Get Involved

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