Equitable Earth announces partnership with Chloris Geospatial

19 June 2024, Mill Valley, California – Today the Equitable Earth Coalition is pleased to announce a partnership with Chloris Geospatial as its exclusive provider of digital monitoring, reporting and verification (dMRV) of forest carbon data for its new forest carbon standard. 

This partnership will allow projects verified with Equitable Earth to report more accurately than was previously possible – including the reporting of carbon emissions from deforestation as well as degradation and removals from carbon stock improvement. The adoption of innovative technology is pivotal in Equitable Earth’s quest to help end deforestation and biodiversity loss in the Global South. 

Chloris uses advanced scientific techniques to process new datasets from spaceborn instruments to measure above-ground biomass to capture carbon stock change with efficiency, transparency and high accuracy. Chloris validates its models against fully independent, high-quality datasets derived from airborne LiDAR and field measurements.

“Partnering with Chloris marks a significant milestone for Equitable Earth as we pursue an innovative new approach to forest carbon standards,” said Beto Borges, Chair of the Equitable Earth Indigenous Peoples & Local Communities Advisory Group. “Our commitment is to serve the voluntary carbon market holistically, ensuring that our efforts not only meet scientific accuracy and independence but also benefit local communities. Chloris’s dedication to independent, high-quality carbon mapping is crucial for achieving these goals. With Chloris’s cutting-edge carbon stock and change measurement methodologies, we are poised to enhance the credibility and effectiveness of the Equitable Carbon Standard. This collaboration will ultimately benefit the voluntary carbon market and foster trust among all stakeholders.”

“Much like Equitable Earth, Chloris Geospatial is also founded on transparency, robust science and rigorous due diligence,” said Marco Albani, CEO and Co-Founder of Chloris. “Our standardized and independent approach to measuring carbon in vegetation fits perfectly with the mission of Equitable Earth. We look forward to delivering innovative, science-based data and analysis for this new forest carbon standard.”

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About the Equitable Earth Coalition 

Equitable Earth is a coalition of leaders committed to delivering an innovative new voluntary carbon market standard and platform to end deforestation and biodiversity loss in equitable partnership with Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Global South countries.

For further information, visit eq-earth.com

About Chloris Geospatial 

Chloris Geospatial is a leading provider of trustworthy forest carbon insights, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to create innovative solutions that drive business value. The technology helps businesses make informed decisions and improve operations through scalable and cost-effective actionable insights maximizing funds for action on the ground.

For further information, visit chloris.earth